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Personalized, One-to-One Direct Marketing content has the potential to boost direct mail response rates by at least 36 percent in most cases. Personalization shifts the focus of a direct mail campaign from the company to the customer or client. It seeks to create a connection with the customer or client, which makes them feel valued and appreciated. In turn, prospects’ and returning customers’ response rates increase, which drive leads, orders and sales.

Adding personalization to a piece of direct mail may seem daunting. However, with the right team to back you up, it is not difficult, you just need to incorporate what you know about your customer, client or prospect into your mailing. If you're creating a campaign from an inhouse list, you will have a lot of data to draw from. For instance, retail businesses often utilize a "New, Recent, Lapsed" strategy. This program allows them to market to new clients, clients who have purchased from them recently, or clients who have not come in or purchased recently, with different, personalized marketing messages and offers.

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There are several common ways to add personalization to any mail piece. Using names on envelopes and in letter openings is a basic (but important) first step. Several other methods that are worth considering are:

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Incorporate images of a specific geographical region, product, or even a recipient's home

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Incorporate maps that direct the customer to the closest or their preferred store location

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Create individual offers based on past purchase history

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Partially fill out a printed response device

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By strategically analyzing the information available in your mailing list, segmenting your audience and incorporating individual messaging, graphics and offers into your direct mail marketing strategy, one direct mail campaign can result in many unique mail pieces that are individually crafted for each of your targeted customers, clients, or prospects.

If you aren’t already personalizing each of your direct mail pieces, it is time to experience what personalization can do for your company's direct mail campaigns' results. Even simple personalization will likely have a significant impact on the response rates you see, and, in turn, your company's sales.

Our team of direct mail professionals are ready to assist you in creating captivating One-to-One marketing content that will create the Wow! factor that your mailings have been missing. Schedule a consultation with us or give us a call to learn how ProPrint makes the process of creating Variable Data personalization and printing Positively Different.