When It Comes to Critical Details

Perfect Proof Reigns Supreme

Concepts aren’t always clear until the physical product is seen and felt.

Perfect Proof enables creators to ensure the best possible outcome with their print designs. This proprietary offering allows you to see your print exactly as the final product before you send it to production.

Got questions? Perfect Proof has the answers.

When it comes to ensuring the flawless execution of your print job, you need Perfect Proof. A complete, exact-to-specification, pre-production sample of your job, Perfect Proofs answers questions that standard digital proofs can't.

Perfect Proof includes:

Paper Stock(s): Confirm the feel and quality of your chosen paper stock.

Folding: Verify the fold for your design.

Finishes: Check coatings, laminates, or even intricate die-cutting.

Binding: Perfect binding, coil & wire-o & saddle stitch binding methods.

Color Fidelity: Ensure that your chosen colors match your expectations.

Any and All Other Options

More than a press check; it's a complete sample of your project delivered to your door before the entire project is produced.

Set expectations and avoid unpleasant surprises by requesting Perfect Proof. It's your assurance of excellence and our commitment to delivering exactly what you ordered.

Here’s how it works!

Turnaround Process


Submit artwork and approve soft proof by noon.


Receive Perfect Proof. Approve with confidence.


Production begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect Proof is ProPrint's innovative solution that ensures the highest level of precision and quality in every print project. It goes beyond traditional online proofs, providing you with an exact production sample before your job is printed. It's your guarantee that every detail, from paper stock to color fidelity, is correct before production begins.

ProPrint is committed to excellence, and Perfect Proof is available with standard products at no extra charge. You do pay a minimum fee for shipping. You can enjoy the assurance of a perfect print without worrying about additional costs.

When you elect to receive a Perfect Proof, your order’s turnaround time begins once ProPrint receives approval of your proof. Learn more about turnaround times here.

Your satisfaction is our priority. If you're not happy with the Perfect Proof, our team is ready to work with you to address any concerns. We'll collaborate to understand your feedback and make the necessary adjustments to ensure your vision is accurately captured.

When submitting your order request, simply select how you’d like to receive your Perfect Proof in the instant pricing calculator. You can even call us or reach out to us via email.

Yes! Just let us know you want a Perfect Proof when you submit your quote request. We’ll include the cost of the Perfect Proof in your estimate.