Sales sheets are practical, versatile tools for advertising detailed information about your business’s products or services.

Create your sales sheet using our product builder. We also offer advanced options like custom perforations for coupons or forms and hole drilling for easy insert in binders.

Check our custom sales sheet printing with our Perfect Proof. Feel and see the quality yourself before your entire order is printed.

  • Improve your custom sales sheets’ value with a scannable QR code linking to video presentations of your products or additional photos.
  • Use smaller, full-color sales sheets for direct-mail marketing and as convenient handouts at meetings or events.
  • Include them in media or sales kits given at trade shows or with customers’ purchases.
  • Take advantage of our custom perforation options to add discount coupons and gift vouchers to your sales sheets.
  • Several colors per page may distract readers. Sometimes less is more! All you need are one or two main brand colors, a complementary color, and an accent color.
  • Use infographics, charts, and graphs to highlight information and serve as easy product comparison guides.
  • Divide the information into digestible blocks of text.
  • Remember to include your logo and contact information, either in an empty space or placed within a focal image.

BusinessPrinting.com specializes in high-quality, custom print products, not basic template designs.

Configure your product and our dynamic template generator gives you a blank template with the correct size, bleed, and trim. To try other specifications, simply change your options and generate a new template. The changes will be reflected in the new template.

Download the file, import it to a design program, and start creating. For existing designs, just copy it to the template and adjust as needed.


Book weight papers are thin & flexible, making them ideal for folding and for use in bound products.

We list our book papers by weight. The lower the weight, the lighter the paper; thus, 70# is lighter than 100#.

Book weight papers can be coated or uncoated. Coated papers make images appear crisp and vibrant. Uncoated paper is suitable for writing.  

Cover papers are used for cards, booklet covers & any product that requires more rigidity than a book weight paper.

We list our cover papers by caliper, which refers to thickness. The higher the caliper, the thicker the paper; thus, 24pt cover is more than twice the thickness of 10pt cover. 

Cover papers can be coated on both sides (C2S), coated on one side (C1S) or Uncoated.

Read more about papers here.


70# Opaque White: This smooth white text weight paper is uncoated. Easy to write on, easy to print on. If so, uncoated paper is a great choice. The smooth white surface gives a subtle feel to your artwork. 

80# Gloss and 80# Matte Text: These two papers weigh the same, but one has gloss coating and one has matte coating. Our most budget-friendly paper, coated text weight papers are perfect for flyers with multiple folds, but you can leave your flyers flat as well. 

100# Gloss & 100# Matte Text: Our most popular paper type! 100# text weight is a little bit thicker than 80# text weight, and like 80#, comes with a choice of either gloss or matte coating. 

10pt C1S: Shiny on one side, uncoated on the other, 10pt C1S is perfect when you are watching the budget and want a shiny outside with a soft, muted inside. You can write on the inside, too! 

10pt C2S: More rigid than text weight, choose this paper when you need your flyer to be a bit more durable. The coating choices add further customization options. It can be scored and folded; check the pricing calculator to see available options. 

10pt Uncoated: Uncoated 10pt cover stock is easy to write on and a budget-friendly for postcards, flyers, brochures and greeting cards. 

14pt C1S: This paper is coated on one side to add shine to your design, and uncoated on the other. Perfect for appointment cards!

14pt C2S: The most popular paper for business cards, this paper has a subtle sheen on both sides, making your logo look sharp. Add UV coating for even more shine. Real estate agents, creatives, and just about anyone!

14pt Uncoated White: With a soft look and feel, 14 pt uncoated white cover paper is sure to please customers and prospects who are considering your handmade or custom goods business. You can write on it too! 


Gloss: A subtly glossy coating that is applied during the manufacturing process. Gloss coating adds sheen and helps protect the ink. It can be written on with a ballpoint pen, but not a pencil.

High Gloss: Next-level gloss finish. Makes colors appear more vibrant and increases durability. Not recommended for writing or for text-heavy designs.

Matte: Protects ink and paper with a satin-like finish. Matte coating can make some colors appear less vibrant.

Soft Touch: Soft touch finish is literally soft to the touch, like a thin layer of velvet on your piece. This coating makes colors appear muted and soft, and adds a protective layer.

Uncoated: Your paper choice in its natural state. No coatings, no added finishes, just paper. Great for any product which will be written on, and for designs with lots of copy, as it's easy to read on uncoated paper.


Perforations are a row of small incisions or holes through a sheet of paper to allow part of it to detach easily. Our Custom Perf Selector lets you choose what type of perforations you’d like on your piece– edge to edge, spot perforations, L Perf or T perf. Call us to let us know where you’d like your perforations on your piece. 


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